Write to Learn – Art

Marzano glossary – 4 columns

Term Definition My own words Image
  1.  Teacher describes the term
  2. Students note the term in their visual diary, then describes it in their own words.
  3. Draw an image to represent the term


Writing break in Art

List 5 words to describe your artwork/sketch.

What art element have you used?  Explain…



Active Literacy: Whole School Literacy Framework

My whole school literacy framework is made up of the following elements:

  1. Professional development for staff
  2. Literacy elements embedded in learning sequences
  3. Intervention for those students working below level

Literacy elements are taught explicitly in English, but expanded upon and made specific in other Domains.

(Victorian Curriculum, 2015)

Literacy elements:


Whole school vocabulary initiative based on the Marzano 6 step process

ESC Vocabulary model

Reading and viewing

Reading and annotating text

Active Literacy reading program


Whole school writing – Text Types

Whole school writing – Write to Learn

Information literacy – Effective Research

Speaking and listening

Year 9 Your voice, your choice

Substantive talk




Whole School Literacy Program



I am thrilled to have been appointed as the Literacy Leader in our school this year.

I am allocated class time with our year 7 and 8 classes, and will work on a system of withdrawing groups of students to form co-operative learning teams to learn with and from each other.

Students will be pre-tested in literacy concepts, then will participate in an intensive Active Literacy session with myself or their classroom teacher.

For details of the program you can refer to my Active Literacy page, and the Writing tab which provides a range of writing frameworks with rubrics and student checklist.  This is a work in progress, so check back from time to time!

I am happy for anyone to use my resources, acknowledgement would be appreciated.

What strategies or resources have you found useful in improving student literacy?  Add your feedback as a comment!


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The transformative power of reading

This is a wonderful article featuring a speech by Nancie Atwell, speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative.
In March, Nancie was awarded the Global Teacher Prize.
By Valerie Strauss.  The Washington Post, October 17, 2015.


Shaun Tan on writing picture story books









With the release of Shaun Tan’s latest book The Singing bones – it is interesting to read his reflection on writing children’s picture story books.

PICTURE BOOKS: Who Are They For?

By Shaun Tan

One of the questions I am most frequently asked as a maker of picture books is this: ‘Who do you write and illustrate for?’ It’s a little difficult to answer, as it’s not something I think about much when I’m working alone in a small studio, quite removed from any audience at all. In fact, few things could be more distracting in trying to express an idea well enough to myself than having to consider how readers might react!

Read more…

Claire Zorn – Winner CBCA Book of the Year 2015



I often say that I write for my seventeen year-old-self, right now my seventeen year-old-self is standing here saying ‘What the frig? How did this happen?’. I’m the kid who had a panic attack in the middle of her first HSC English exam and left. I’m not here because of the wonders of our education system, I am a glitch in the system. I’ve had the opportunity to visit a number of high schools recently and I’m not sure all that much has changed. When it comes to education we are very concerned with rankings and bell curves.  It’s worth noting that I was discouraged from taking on what was then called three unit related English because my ranking wasn’t high enough. We want our kids to perform. We teach them to play Tchaikovsky by rote, but disable their ability to write their own music. I had teachers who fought against the obsession with marks and rankings and focused on nurturing my creativity, but I think that is like trying to light a candle in a cyclone, if you will allow me to get a bit Elton John.

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