Year 10

English CAT:  Creating and Presenting

This is a research task exploring the context unit: disability and differences.

Your task is to research a particular disability and present it to the class
(using powerpoint or prezi).

This will help you prepare for the CAT, where you are required to write at least
one informative / expository piece of writing.

Year 10 English Creating and Presenting Task sheet

Note taking sheet for online resources

Creating a bibliography


Useful Websites (do not rely on Wikipedia):

Disability Condition: The Human and Social Economic Impact of Disabilities

Types of disabilities…

Disability Information and resources centre

Dealing with disability:

National Disability services

Divine: A community by and for people with a disability

Department of Human Services: Disability. Financial assistance, accommodation options, community involvment and other supports and services for people with a disability, their families and carers.

ADEC – Action on Disability within Ethnic Communities




Year 10 Outdoor Education CAT 1, 2012





Task sheet: Adventure activities

Note taking sheet for online resources

Link to online bibliography creator:
















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