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Law and Order assignment Lord of the Flies

Note taking sheet for online resource

Creating a bibliography




Useful sites:

Viking history from the BBC

Vikings: History and legacy

Viking art

History of York – Who were the Vikings?

Explore the world of the Vikings – includes video clips and interactive activities

Research resources:

Note taking sheet for online resource

Creating a bibliography




Bend it like Beckham      

Background Assignment – Library pathfinder

Investigation 1:   Why do people emigrate?

CIA world factbook

The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 266 world entities.

Museum Victoria

What are your origins? Where have Victorians come from? Why did they come?

Find information based on government census information gathered in Victoria since 1854.

Australian Citizenship

Everything you need to know about becoming an Australian citizen.

Australian Immigration statistics


Investigation 2:   Why do we hold onto our traditions?

Book information

394.26994 INS           Religious celebrations and festivals in Australia

394.26994 INS           Cultural celebrations and festivals in Australia

394.2 STE                      The world of FESTIVALS


Australian culture, history and sport.

A search engine for many different topics about Australian culture


Investigation 3:  What is the purpose of marriage?

Book information:

306.8 MAR                     Marriage and divorce

306.840994 MAR      Marriage and cohabitation


World wedding traditions

Registry of marriages in different Australian states

Investigation 4:   When should ‘tradition’ be ignored or banned?

Book information:

391.65 MAS               Tattooing

391.7 CLA                  Piercing



Note taking sheet for online resource

Creating a bibliography

Year 8 Culture club wiki


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