Year 7 Active Literacy program 2016

Week 1.   Orientation and readers survey

Week 2.   Prediction/Inferencing – complete Active Literacy bookmark

Demonstrate the difference between:

Prediction – No way out book cover

Inference – Black Snake – Ned Kelly book cover

Week 3.  Reading focus: Build stamina – Reading beep test.

Active Literacy passports are signed off by teacher.

Students have the opportunity to read for 10, 20, 30 minutes.

Those who ‘tap out’ early – see Mrs. Ferguson to read aloud, check comprehension and discuss strategies.

Week 4 – Teams task

Lesson objective: I can use figurative language.
Describe your structure using descriptive language, similes, metaphors or personification.
To develop Co-operative learning groups students are given a ‘grab bag’ and the challenge is to make the ‘a creative structure’.
Students work in co-operative groups to complete the Lesson Objective as a group, success criteria is demonstrated by the Exit slip.
Exit slips are colour coded:
Red – Just beginning…
Amber – Getting there…
Green – Got it!
Expert green – I’ve assisted someone else to ‘Get it!’
This wonderful poster, highlights the way our teams work.
Team, Pair, Solo is available from: Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok.


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