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Effective Research at Emerald Secondary College is based on 6 steps:

  1.  Define the task
  2. Locate information
  3. Select resources
  4. Organise your notes
  5. Present your ideas
  6. Evaluate your work

Resources to support these steps:

ESC Library Effective research student planner booklet 2016

ESC Library Effective Research Teacher guide – to come

Effective Research wikispaces – this link takes you to another website with a step by step guide to the research process.

Other useful resources

ESC Library Website evaluation activity 2016 – this activity is based on the Constructivist approach to learning


Note taking template:

Note taking template 1

Research tasks

Research tasks can be found on this website by using the search option on the right hand side of the site.

For example to find your Japanese project; type Japanese

To find English projects; type English

To find any year level projects go to RESEARCH   –  CURRENT RESEARCH TASKS and click on your year level.

6 steps to effective research

Information literacy checklist
Defining: What do I really want to find?
Can clarify the meaning of words in a research task Online graphial dictionary:
Can state the task in my own words
Can identify differences between open and closed questions
Can create appropriate research questions for the task Question generator:
Question matrix:
Can list key words related to the task
Can find a book in the library using the ROS system
Can use key words to find online information Using key words:
Can use Google advanced search and a range of other techniques to find information Use of a HUGE range of different search engines:
Can record details of source information in a bibliography How to write a bibliography:
Can skim read a source to see if it is relevant
Can determine if the information (website) is suitable for the topic Evaluating a website:

Can make notes in dot point form
Can use a data collection sheet to make my notes Notetaking sheets:
Can use an online data collection sheet to make notes
Can write my own paragraphs from my notes
Can select a style of presentation appropriate to the audience Web 2.0 tools for presenting:
Can create a presentation using both written and/or online resources.
Can present the information clearly
Can identify that my work has met the criteria of the task
Can identify what I have learnt by completing this task
Can set goals for the further development of information literacy skills