Active Literacy: Whole School Literacy Framework

My whole school literacy framework is made up of the following elements:

  1. Professional development for staff
  2. Literacy elements embedded in learning sequences
  3. Intervention for those students working below level

Literacy elements are taught explicitly in English, but expanded upon and made specific in other Domains.

(Victorian Curriculum, 2015)

Literacy elements:


Whole school vocabulary initiative based on the Marzano 6 step process

ESC Vocabulary model

Reading and viewing

Reading and annotating text

Active Literacy reading program


Whole school writing – Text Types

Whole school writing – Write to Learn

Information literacy – Effective Research

Speaking and listening

Year 9 Your voice, your choice

Substantive talk





Have you ever read a ‘choose your own adventure’ story?

These stories give readers the option to choose the way the story will progress.

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Jan Allen creative writing competition

The library invites you to enter the Jan Allen creative writing competition.

There are prizes of $50 for winners of the junior, intermediate or senior sections.


  Entries must be between 200—1000 words in length

  Please save as a Word document. 

  Entries can be emailed to:

  Don’t forget to add your name and homegroup details.