Literacy at ESC 2016

Literacy Launch at Emerald Secondary College, Feb 2016.

Literacy Launch Feb 2016 – Tracey Ferguson


ESC Draft Literacy Vision statement – Tracey Ferguson

Padlet discussion – ESC Literacy 2016 – See below for the embedded discussion.

Staff survey



Staff discussion

“Thinking about a reading or writing task that you ask students to complete – what gets in the way?”

Three stages of reading strategy

The Three Stages Of Reading strategy involves teaching students to delve into text. The Before Reading stage provides a scaffold for new concepts and vocabulary, promotes engagement and provides a means for prediction. The second stage, During Reading, allows students to integrate the knowledge and information they bring to the text with ‘new’ information in the text. The last stage, After Reading, allows students to articulate and process their understanding of what they have read and to think critically about the validity of the text.

The above document is an adapted version of the strategy as outlined on the My Read website.

Three stages of reading Formative Assessment using Google Forms

See an example of the assessment form here:




Junior School meeting – May 4th, 2016

Literacy focus – Whole school vocabulary inititive


Table groups: Discussion on Hoover HS vocabulary strategies –  feedback document.

Whole school vocabulary initiative

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